Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (2024)

How to Install and Update the Game (Current Version 6.2)

NOTE: Using the installer will result in an error saying you are missing a .zip file. This is FINE. That .zip isn’t used anymore, you can play the game without it

Current Big Bugs:

  1. New Launcher has a lot of bugs. MANY reports of Crashing, not opening, etc.
  2. If you “Repair Game” with the new Launcher, it deletes all of your sprites.

Table of Contents

Question 1: Difference between Game.exe and Alt Launcher


Game.exe downloads sprites as you encounter them over the internet. You do not need to download monthly packs at all, they are downloaded over the internet.

Alternate launcher you need to download all the sprites beforehand and it runs them off your computer locally.

Pros of Alt Launcher:

  1. Better in Game performance than Game.exe.
  2. If an online service goes down, you can still play.


  1. Long loading/black screen before you get to the main menu
  2. You have to manage the sprites yourself and download the monthly sprite packs.

Question 2: Why aren’t my sprites being indexed


  • It depends if you have seen a Pokemon or not or how far in the game you are. Pokemon are only indexed as you see them. When you see a pokemon, an index folder is created and all sprites with that number go into the folder. If you haven’t seen the Pokemon , then it doesn’t get a folder and it is not indexed
  • If you get Sprites.zip from the Base Sprites, it contains all indexed folders so all images in customer battlers will get indexed afterwards causing your game to say thousands of sprites will be imported and replaced
  • So it just depends on if you download all the sprites locally or how many pokemon you’ve come across. If you see a bunch of images in customer battlers that means you don’t have a corresponding folder in the indexed folder for that Pokémon

Question 3: Is this game supported on Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Steam Deck?

Answer: No. This game was developed and intended for Windows. We have found ways to have them playable on those other platforms, but they are not officially supported.

Question 4: Does my Save File get deleted updating the game or reinstalling?

Answer: No, your save file is stored in a different folder outside of the game files. Deleting your folder, updating your game, and reinstalling doesn’t not delete the save file.

Common Issues and Fixes

Issue 1: I open the Alternate Launcher and I get an error like this

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (1)

Fix: To use the Alternate Launcher, it is required to download the base Sprites (Sprites.zip) + FULL custom sprite packs from Download.

Issue 2: My sprites are showing up invisible or with question marks.


  1. Turn off Download Sprites option in setting.
  2. Leave the menu (if you don’t, this won’t work).
  3. Go back to Settings.
  4. Turn option back on.

Issue 3: I get an error message saying Error opening OpenAL Device

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (2)

Fix: Plug in headphones. You have an audio device issue where it can’t find an audio device, but headphones can fix it.

Issue 4: Wild Encounters aren’t working no matter how long I walk in Grass

Fix: If you recently updated the game and/or are doing a randomized run, you need to randomize your encounters again via the guy in the black suit from the Pokémon Center on the 2nd floor. He has the option to “reshuffle wild pokemon”.

Issue 5: The system cannot find the path specified.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (3)

Fix: You didn’t extract InfiniteFusion.zip before opening Install_or_update.bat.When you extract your game files, it should look like this:

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (4)

Issue 6: I can’t find my Save File and can I transfer to another device

Fix: There is a shortcut in your game folder that takes you to it. Also yes, you can move your save file from 1 device to another as long as you put the save in the same path.

PATH: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\infinitefusion

  • Keybindings are also stored in this path.

NOTE: You can’t change the file path of this save file at all. Even if you play the game on a different drive or USB, save file will ALWAYS look for the save file here.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (5)

Issue 7: Can I update my game from version 4.x to 5.x

Fix: No. The story has changed so much since then, the game is not compatible with the 4.x version anymore.

Issue 8: Stuck on Black Screen or getting an error on black screen

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (6)

Fix: Be patient. Especially if you are using Alt Launcher. It is known to have slow load times until you get to the game menu. This is where sprite images are being indexed and sorted. Depending on your internet and computer, this can take some time.

Issue 9: Error from Script ‘<internal:marshal>’ or incompatible marshal file format

Fix: Incompatible save file. You are trying to use an old save file that is either corrupt or too old to play on the current version.

Issue 10: Certificate issue when running the Install_or_update.bat file

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (7)

Fix: This version of the installer (InfiniteFusion.zip) has a certificate fix : Download

Issue 11: Android: I beat Elite 4 and it gets stuck OR Android is throwing an error
Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (8)

Fix: This game is not meant to be played on android so there are bugs. You need to use:

JoiPlay and RPGM plugin to [1.20.28 (Public Beta)](https://www.patreon.com/posts/81829260)

Also change engine type to RPG Maker (mkxp-z) Long tap on game icon –> Edit

Issue 12: Android: Map is not loading at all
Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (9)

Fix: Yes this works on 6.0.2.

Apply this patch: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/790141220726636554/1154047075131064330/infinitefusion_5.3.1.2_patch.rga

Long tap on game icon –> Patch

Then re-enter the location

Issue 13: My game is slow. Waiting 30 seconds after trainer battle or in load screens.

Fix: Use Alt launcher if Game.exe is slow for you. You need to download sprites locally for alt launcher to work.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQs Issues and Fixes - PokemonInfiniteFusion.Net (2024)


What happens when you fuse two of the same Pokémon in Pokémon infinite fusion? ›

Two Pokémon of the same species can be fused to create a self fusion, but the resulting fusion only gains an XP bonus and shares the same stats as the base species. There a select few late-game triple Fusions that combine notable and legendary Pokémon.

How to fix Pokémon Infinite Fusion lag? ›

My game is lagging!

try reducing window size in the options. The pre-loaded version download includes "Alternate Launcher.exe", which can improve performance greatly on some systems. You can also change the fused sprite icons to DNA symbols in the options to stop lag when opening your Pokémon screen.

Does Pokémon Infinite Fusion have shinies? ›

Shiny Pokémon were added in version 5.0. 35. Like in official Pokémon games, the difference between shinies and regular Pokémon is purely visual and has no effect on the stats of the Pokémon. Every Pokémon in the game can be found as a shiny, including fusions and triple fusions.

Can two fusions fuse? ›

Once the fusion is successful and after it expires, the two fusees will not find themselves able to fuse again without an hourly resting period, as shown by Goten and Trunks' inability to resume their Gotenks state after they separated against Super Buu.

Can two fusions fuse Steven Universe? ›

Fusions are capable of fusing with other Gems, first revealed in "Jail Break", in which it is revealed that Garnet is a fusion who can fuse with Amethyst to form Sugilite. The same Gems will produce the same fusion regardless of which order they combine in.

Can you fuse 3 Pokémon infinite fusion? ›

Triple fusions can only be obtained in the late post-game, after completing Mt. Silver. To unlock triple fusions, you need to bring the three Unova legendaries to Colress at the Lake of Rage. He will then depart for Silph Co. to try and fix Team Rocket's old triple fusion machine.

Do Legendaries Respawn in Pokémon infinite fusion? ›

Certain legendaries will reappear after defeating Gold on Mt. Silver for the first time, regardless of whether they had previously been caught or defeated.

What is karma in Pokémon infinite fusion? ›

Karma is a hidden value in the game that is used to encounter specific Legendary Pokémon.

How to randomise Pokémon Infinite Fusion? ›

It's a bit complicated as you can't do it off the bat. First you have to start a new game and save it, then go back to the main screen and start another new game, then randomizer mode will be available to choose, where you can customize to rules of how it randomizes and what Starters you want.

Why is my Pokemon go lagging? ›

Ensure your Pokémon GO app is up to date

Pokémon GO works best when using the newest version of the app. If you're experiencing an issue with an older version of the app, please update your Pokémon GO app and see if this fixes the problem for you. Open the Google Play Store app.

Is Pokémon infinite fusion a ROM hack? ›

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a ROM hack developed by PokeCommunity user Schrroms that allows players to fuse any two critters they've captured into a unique new one.

Why is my Pokémon GO stuck on the loading screen? ›

Wi-Fi connection is weak or unstable mobile data may hinder stucking on loading screen. If the game server is overloaded or is being maintained, the loading speed may become slower. In addition, the error of the device itself or the error in the application may be the cause.

How long did Pokémon infinite fusion take? ›

28½ Hours
Main Story1839h 43m
Main + Extras1850h 5m
Completionist156h 30m
All PlayStyles3747h 58m

How do you make Pokémon Infinity run faster? ›

One of the control keys speeds it up, I think it's either Q or W though this will be differient if you've changed your control configs.

How to make Pokémon Infinity full screen? ›

How do I make the game full screen? You can't. There are 3 window size options in the game that you can access from the options menu, full screen is unfortunately not one of them.


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