Copy Cat Recipe - Chick - Fil - A Nuggets Recipe (2024)

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  • Cindy Daisy

    Eeekk! Chick-Fil-A is one of my favorite places to eat. lol, who would have thought pickle juice and milk. It’s such an odd combination but I can’t wait to give this recipe a try 🙂

  • Amy Orvin

    I would love to make them. The ones at Chick-Fil-A are awesome! Thank you for doing so much research .

  • CarlaSue

    I want to try this! What am I doing with the egg?

  • Monica F.

    Love this!

  • Lesley T

    I think that the pickle juice + milk mixture tenderizes the chicken, just as a buttermilk marinade would.

    I’m confused about the egg too. Do I take out of milk+pickle juice, dip in egg, then in the bag w/dry ingredients?

    • Sara


      • adrian

        I have made this twice, its so good! I mix my egg and oil in a bowl, then combine the powdered sugar and flour, then i pour in a bag with chicken and shake/mix and mend.

  • diana c

    I love Chick-fil-A! Thanks for sharing; I will have to see if I can make these soon. I’m not that great at cooking but I can follow a good recipe. Thanks!

    Diana C

  • Ann

    Wow this is awesome! I can’t wait to try this recipe. I really love chick fila’s nuggets.

  • Lizzy

    We made them tonight, and I thought they tasted pretty close to Chick fil a! The whole family really liked them. Thanks 🙂

  • Megan Jones

    My 5 year old daughter has Celiac disease and can therefore not eat gluten. She used to love the chick fil a nuggets before her diagnosis, so when I came across this recipe and read the ingredients I was delighted to find I only had to substitute the flour out with gluten free flour and she could eat them. Would they still taste okay? The answer is YES! I made them yesterday and you couldn’t tell they were even gluten free!!! She was ecstatic…and so was I!!

    • Sara

      I am so glad they worked out 🙂

  • Tc

    Do you think you could bake these?

    • Brandy

      I am going to try baking them next time. These were so great, but took a lot of time.

    • Ryann

      oh yes that came out delicious!!!! My boyfriend said it was better than chick Fil A!!

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  • Charmaine

    Any other suggestions on what to use other than pickle juice? Hate pickles!

  • Jen

    Can I make this without pickle juice? I am not a fan of pickles at all, even if you cant taste them…

    • Kaci

      That’s how Chick-fil-A makes their nuggets…. so if you eat CFA you’re eating pickle juice.

  • Suzie

    Thanks for the recipe. I came across it on Pintrest. The cursive font is difficult to read though. I had to have someone else to read it for me. Just a thought for some of us with weird eyes.

    • Ralisha

      Oh I jus made thsee. They are pretty close to Chick-fil-A. Very good!!!! Happy I found this!!!

  • AC

    Reading through the recipe where does the egg come in?

    • Justine Zirbes

      someone above said to mix it with the oil, add the rest of the dry ingredients and toss in the bag. I’m gonna give it a try!

  • Beth Sowel

    Made these tonight. They were good, but a little too sweet for us. Next time we’ll just do a teaspoon of sugar.

  • Jennifer

    Can you deep fry it?

  • Trisha

    Found these off pinterest. Made them tonight and they were amazing!! Thank you so much!!

  • Ren

    oh that so didn’t work out. So where does the one egg go?

  • JF

    It would have been helpful if she had said “toss the chicken in the egg mixture, THEN into a bag of the seasoning THEN SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE”. The egg should NOT be one of the ingredients that goes into the bag. It makes a huge gooey mess and non of the flour sticks to the chicken. So as we speak I am pan frying up a bunch of naked nuggets. The oil is one of the last ingredients and should also not go into the bag. I did not do that but just read carefully before you make. This should be rewritten.

  • Connie

    When do you add the egg?

    • Valerie Evans

      When you take the chicken out of the bag with the milk mixture, dip it in the egg and then into the bag with the dry ingredients. It helps the flour stick to the chicken and gives a nice crust.

      • Jen

        Thank you for finally helping with this

  • Rick

    Chick-fill-a does not use pickle juice, or powdered sugar. These will be nothing like chick-fil-a nuggets.

  • Traci

    Ohhh my were these delicious!! Not sure if it was chickfila taste…but was still damn tasty. As others said, it doesn’t specify where the egg comes in to play so I grabbed the chicken from the milk mixture and put into the beaten egg. From there went into the flour. The milk mixture certainly helped tenderize the meat and keep it moist. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica

    I’m so excited to try this! Do you think you can soak it in the milk/pickle juice overnight?

  • Jan

    The chick fil A nuggets were good, I wasn’t sure what to do with the egg so I didn’t use it…I will try it again with the egg…will definitely do it again.

  • Vanessa

    Omg! I followed the recipe and WOW. MY PICKY HUSBAND LOVED THIS! He does like spicy so the only thing I did different was add creole seasoning. Awesome recipe.

    • Vanessa

      Oh one more thing grand baby loved them and I get excited about a good recipe!

      • Vanessa

        One last thing…use powdered sugar not real sugar if you think the recipe is sweet. There is a differe0. Follow this recipe as is answered it’s great. I only did the creole at the end to make it mine.

  • Angela

    I’m allergic to peanuts. Could I use another type of oil?

  • Theresa

    Very good recipe… Was almost identical to Chick-Fil-A. Would recommend!

  • Sheila

    Just what I was looking for. Hubby loved it, and I enjoyed a non complicated recipe! It’s a keeper.

  • Everett

    Where does the egg go?

  • Annie

    Didnt have dill pickles on hand but do have bread & butter ones… going to try that and eliminate the sugar in dry ingredient list. Also going to dredge in the flour muxture shake off extra then dip in egg & oil then back into flour for a nice crust… hopefully… keep ya’ll posted how it turns out! 😉

  • Michelle

    We added the egg to the milk and pickle juice in a gallon ziplock bag and let it sit in the fridge for slightly more than an hour before breading and frying ine the peanut oil. THEY WERE AWESOME, tasted Exactly like Chick-fil-a.

  • Laken

    This tastes almost exactly like the original! Yum! I’m going to soak the chicken for way longer than 1 hour next time though, because the actual chicken part was a little bland. I found a recipe for both polyneasian (spelling?) sauce and chic-fil-a sauce, which were both really good! The whole house smells like peanut butter now too, which is also a perk

  • Lindsey

    You should consider adjusting how this recipe is written.. To combine all other ingredients would include the egg as well. Doing so creates a nasty mess and though it has the flavor of chick-fil-a, the consistency is very wrong.

  • Brigitte

    Marinate chicken in baggy with pickle juice. Stir together the milk and egg in 1 bowl. Mix dry ingredients in another bowl. Coat chicken in egg bowl then coat chicken in flour bowl. This is called Dredging.
    Oil is for the pan.

  • Joan

    Followed the recipe as written, put all flour, etc in a bag. What a MESS. No amount of shaking, kneeling or flipping was going to cover the chicken evenly. Finally through whole thing in skillet. It turned out surprisingly well. Sauce was awesome. Never been to CaF so can’t compare.

  • Ansel

    Made these last night, and it’s probably the most addicting thing I’ve ever made. I’m actually making them again tonight. I changed up the seasoning a bit to my taste, adding smoked paprika, white pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, and oregano. It’s especially delicious with the actual Chik-Fil-A sauce! Also I used Famous Dave’s sweet and spicy pickles for the juice.

    To clear things up:

    1) Cut the chicken breast into bite sized cubes.

    2) Place milk and pickle juice into ziplock bag and add the chicken bits (refrigerate one hour or more). Make sure to “suck” all the air out of the bag and “roll” it closed so the marinade is touching every part of the chicken.

    3) Combine all dry ingredients in ziplock bag and set to side.

    4) When the chicken is done marinading, crack open the egg into a bowl and beat it.

    5) Drain the juice from the chicken and place the chicken into the bowl with the egg and mix it around so each piece gets coated in egg.

    6) Open up the ziplock bag of dry ingredients and place all the chicken bits into the bag. Shake off as much egg as you can, and stack the chicken on top of the powder.

    7) Close up the bag, keeping as much of the air inside as you can, and shake until each piece of chicken is coated in the seasoning.

    8) Dump the bag onto a plate or in a bowl and grab tongs.

    9) Heat up the oil in a fry pan on medium-high heat (7-8 out of 10). This is what the oil is for, not for mixing with anything else.

    9) Once the oil is hot, grab the pieces of chicken with the tongs and place one by one into the pan. It’s ok to do this in batches. I fried the pieces about a minute or two on each side.

    10) Once done and browned on each side, pick up the pieces one by one and place onto a paper towel-lined dish. Let sit for a couple minutes to cool.

    11) Enjoy with your favorite sauce! They come out super moist and taste even better than Chik-Fil-A.

  • Lyndsey

    Is it okay to deep fry these? I have a fry Daddy that I like to use outside so that it doesn’t smell up the house

  • Rose

    This recipe gets 5 stars. I let the chicken marinate for 36 hours in the pickle juice and in the last hour I added the milk. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. It was very close to Chick Fil A but in my opinion better. My husband (THE pickiest person I know) had seconds.
    This recipe is a complete win!

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  • Sarah Glidden

    This recipe is outstanding! My entire family loves it and my husband says I need to make it at least once a week 🙂 The first time I followed the recipe; the second time I deep fried the chicken and it was even better (i that’s possible). Took around 7 minutes per batch in the deep fryer

  • Heidi

    For the Copy Cat Chick-fil-A Nuggets; does it have to be peanut oil?

  • Milan Frusone

    I’m really excited to try your recipe, and thanks for sharing!!! But I’m curious, when do I use the egg?

Copy Cat Recipe - Chick - Fil - A Nuggets Recipe (2024)


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