Caramelized Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats Recipe (2024)



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at the risk of giving away a Crowd pleasing concoction,
i roast the rice under a broiler till just browned, constantly turning.
i also add brown sugar to the butter while it's browning...
and I add vanilla and almond extract to that mixture as well.
frozen crushed heath bars added at the last minute of stirring in the
marshmallows takes this over the top.

finally, take these puppies camping and roast them over the campfire.


Just made these, substituting an 8 oz bag of Ruffles potato chips for the Rice Krispies. Used unsalted butter and omitted the salt. Plan to dip a side in ganache. Hey, nobody said these were supposed to be health food, right?


I make these with two bags of marshmallow and all the butter, same amount of cereal. People faint.


The idea of browning the butter is genius and adds a richness and depth of flavor. However, the proportions in the recipe are all wrong -- this creates very dry and crumbly treats, instead of chewy ones. It needs more marshallow/butter mixture to less cereal.


After reading others' comments, while the butter was browning, I toasted abt 1/3 of one of the bags of marshmallows. I added a hefty pinch of salt and about a tsp. of vanilla. People FREAKED out. I have never been a huge RKT fan, but w/these modifications, I must say that they were really great. The usual cloying sweetness was tempered by the toasty notes. I will definitely make these again, and will roast more marshmallows next time and perhaps up the salt too to make it more perceptible.


I've made (and eaten) more batches of RKT in my 70 years than I am willing to admit. They are my most favorite treat; I am embarrassed to say that I am capable of eating an entire pan full in less than 24 hours. My ratio: A stick of butter, 1 large bag of marshmallows, two tablespoons of peanut butter, one small box of Rice Krispies (about 6 cups). I like more marshmallow than most recipes call for and the peanut butter cuts the sugary taste a bit--making them a high protein snack, right?

Smitten kitchen's recipe - correction to previous comment

@calisson - I think you may have misunderstood. Smitten kitchen's recipe doesn't call for half the butter - she just halved the entire recipe.


Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for these with half as much butter. ( It's plenty. And I agree about decreasing the amount of cereal for a gooier, more flavorful result.


Ponder upon the dichotomy of vegan marshmallow peeps.


THESE WERE AMAZING. A huge hit at my 4th of July party! I also used brown rice cereal instead of regular Rice Krispies.

The only thing I would say, since this was my first time browning butter, was that medium-low heat wasn't enough for my butter to brown. I had to turn it up a smidge and let it bubble a little. This page was helpful for browning butter (and also hilarious):


These are wonderful. The times are more important than I thought. About 5 minutes to brown the butter, not longer. Also 5 minutes for the mixture to brown, otherwise it takes on a funny consistency. Don't pack them down too much or they get compact. This will sound silly but we have made these when they are marvellous and other times when not as good.


Don't know why I never considered this before! Browned butter revolutionized my chocolate chip cookie recipe (along with subbing out white sugar for brown and exchanging chocolate chips for crumbled Heath bars)

petipa mama

Pour marshmallow butter mixture in to enormous bowl that already contains Rice Krispies. Then stir.


Really delicious.

On advice of earlier comments. I added a big splash of vanilla extract to butter before adding the marshmallows and reduced cereal to 8 ounces. I was able to get treats about 1" thick in a 9"x13" pan.

I did use cultured butter, which added a bit of tanginess to the treats. Definitely worth seeking it out.


I just made these, my first ever batch of Rice Krispie treats. I flavored it with a dash of bourbon and some bittersweet chocolate chips. Holy moly.

Ashley M

I use cornflakes instead of Rice Krispies….. and dare I say it’s better?


Flavor is great but followed recipe precisely (plus a splash of vanilla) and there is just way too much marshmallow. It was too hard to cut (just basically coagulated goop) and I had to throw most away. I’m shocked this is so highly rated, the two bags seems way excessive to maintain a decent texture.


Does this use a full sheet pan or a half sheet pan?

Jenn P

Love the simplicity of this recipe. I made a few tweaks: I added a hefty amount of vanilla bean paste, toast the cereal under the broiler until it is brown and toasty, sprinkle with flaky sea salt once pressed in the pan. I put a sheet of parchment on the top of the pan so I can press the treats down without getting gooey hands. The treats don’t last long… highly addictive.


I used salted butter and also added a large pinch of salt, yet I feel like they could use a bit more. I love the browned butter so will make them again, and probably use 1/4 a teaspoon of kosher salt.

Christine H.

I just had to make this and and the browned butter was a great. The treats were very rich and delicious, and super sweet. I can only eat a small square at a time. I changed the portion sizes when I realized I had bought a 9oz. box of Krispies, so then only used 1 1/2 bags of marshmallows, and cut the butter also. I would use the mini marshmallows which will melt faster than the larger ones. Stirring the mixture takes a strong arm. I’m glad I didn’t make the 12oz. box size.


should have read the comments - the proportions are very off. not enough marshmallow mix for the amount of rice cereal. came out super dry and crumbly. maybe cut the rice in half.


Fabulous. I used the same amounts of cereal and butter but substituted 3 c. no-gelatin mini marshmallows and 1/2 c. light agave syrup 1/4 c. honey. I incorporated the syrups along with the marshmallows for my vegetarian and kosher friends.Agree with all the stirring times given.


Add some natural peanut butter into the mix. Maldon salt on top. Yum. Great recipe.


Delicious, but not different enough from regular Rice Krispie treats to justify the extra time and effort involved. If I make them again I would brown the butter on medium heat, otherwise it takes a long time.


Chopped and toasted pecans to mix in, and they were a hit!


Re buttering hands to press treats into the pan: it’s easier to use a second sheet of parchment and the butter in the recipe is sufficient that it doesn’t need to be buttered as well. To avoid waste, I cut the treats and use the parchment in between layers of pieces so they don’t stick.


Hi, it is not transcendent. It is still a rice krispy treat. Not better. Just the same. Unfortunately the brown butter , which should be divine, barely broke through. And was not worth the extra effort.


This is a game changer! What a fantastic way to make these, I love how they taste, WOW!! The first batch was way too thin for me on the rimmed baking sheet so I made the second batch in a glass 9x5. Much better size. Thank you for another great recipe!

Karen B

I read too many of the Notes and began feeling confused. I followed the recipe, however, until I got to the Rice Krispies, which I decreased by at least one-third (didn’t measure). The result fit perfectly in a 9 x13 pan. When it had cooled I cut a good-sized piece: It was delicious but very sticky and tough to chew. I believe I cut too much of the cereal. Tricky to get the proportions just right for flavor and chewability.

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Caramelized Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats Recipe (2024)


What happens if you put too much butter in Rice Krispie Treats? ›

What happens if you put too much butter in Rice Krispies Treats? If you put too much butter in rice krispies treats they will become oily, the cereal will soak up the butter and the treats will become soggy, rather than crispy.

Why won't my rice crispy treats harden? ›

Why won't my rice crispy treats harden? If the treats are soft and falling apart, it. could be because you're trying to cut them when they're too warm. Let them cool to room temperature and try again.

What are the brown spots on my Rice Krispie Treats? ›

You can see here the little brown specks on the rice krispie treat – that is the sign of browned butter.

Why are my homemade Rice Krispie Treats soggy? ›

There are a couple of reasons your treats might have come out soggy or too soft. First, your cereal might be too old. Check the expiration and make sure the crispy rice cereal is nice and fresh for the best texture! Second, you may have used too much butter.


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